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Kithara : Massage

Kithara: the most pleasant strokes, techniques and structures from the worlds of classic, ayurvedic, hawaiian, polarity-, thai-, qi gong und the breuss massage. Embedded in the framework of the neo-tantric massage according to Kenneth Stubbs. Much more characteristic than the specific origins is its overarching flow of movement.
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text deco 02 The underlying philosophy is based on rhythmic and musical principles and one of the reasons for the intensity of touch of my massage. The body and all its needs gets perceived as a musical instrument and the massage as a performance thereon. It's also a somewhat like a dance. Freely configurable massage strokes get indvidually integrated in a classical bodywork.

Recurrent themes, changing tempos, dynamic rythms of movement, varying arcs of tension and relaxation and repetitive arrangements unfold in a full-body dramaturgy. Two hands play different components of the same melody, interlocking and complementing each other. Every massaged part, after some intensive attention, gets integrated back into the overall flow of the body.
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text deco 04 Kithara is not based on esotherical or far eastern doctrines of salvation, even though i make use of some of the methods they developed. It is spiritual in terms of a mutual concentration also on mental processes, but free of all religious or ethereal ideologies or dogmas.