Kithara: the most pleasant strokes, techniques and structures from the worlds of classic, ayurvedic, hawaiian, polarity-, thai-, qi gong und the breuss massage. Embedded in the framework of the neo-tantric massage according to Kenneth Stubbs. Much more characteristic than the specific origins is its overarching flow of movement.

The underlying philosophy is based on rhythmic and musical principles and one of the reasons for the intensity of touch of my massage. The body and all its needs gets perceived as a musical instrument and the massage as a performance thereon. It's also a somewhat like a dance. Freely configurable massage strokes get indvidually integrated in a classical bodywork.


Recurring themes, changing tempos, dynamic rythms of movement, varying arcs of tension and relaxation and repetitive arrangements unfold in a full-body dramaturgy. Two hands play different components of the same melody, interlocking and complementing each other. Every massaged part, after some intensive attention, gets integrated back into the overall flow of the body.

Kithara is not based on esotherical or far eastern doctrines of salvation, even though i make use of some of the methods they developed. It is spiritual in terms of a mutual concentration also on mental processes, but free of all religious or ethereal ideologies or dogmas.


• Kithara classic
  Massage Table

60 min
75 min
90 min

60,- €
70,- €
80,- €

• Kithara open
  Open Table

60 min
75 min
90 min

70,- €
80,- €
90,- €

• Kithara fly

60 min
75 min
90 min

90,- €
100,- €
110,- €

• Further massages and
  pricing subject to agreement.

Frank Hell
Free Massage Practitioner


1987 : Aurareading, Hands & Feet Massage education, T.Ernest Nichols, Universal Spiritualist Association, Institute for Holistic Studies at Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, USA & Vinxel near Bonn

1990 : Polaritymassage education, Jaap Lensen & Trudy Kempers, 'Centrum voor geestelijke en lichamelijke Bewustwording' (center for spiritual & physical consciousness), Dongen, Netherland

2000 : Lingam, Rosebud & Tantric Touch Massage education accoring to Joseph Kramer, Ph.D. & Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D., Mai Pen Rai, Than Sadet, Suratthani, Ko Phangan, Thailand

2004 : Breuss Backbone Massage education, Bonn

2007 - 2017 : Development of Kithara- & Slingmassage, design and construction of the BondTable, Hellsheaven, Cologne




It sure comes in handy if you took your last shower not too long before the massage, but if neccessary you can sure also take a shower here. Towels, soap, etc are available here of course.

When showering, you should note that neither the spaces between the toes nor butt cracks clean themselves just because water is running over them. Especially if your butt has seen dry toilet paper only throughout the day, the use of soaped hands in this region is highly recommended. You'll find soap in the blue five-liter canister in the shower.

Bring along some extra minutes of time more than what you want the duration of the massage to be.

It is recommended to abstain from taking deodorants, perfume, hairstyling gel, etc on the morning of the massage. To have such flavorsome and often gluey cosmetics rubbed over the entire body can be pretty awkward. At the latest at the head and facemassage.

Massage should be avoided by people with heart or kidney failure, infection of the superficial veins, phlebitis or soft tissue, cellulitis, blood clots in the legs, bleeding disorders, and contagious skin conditions. If you have cancer, check with your doctor before considering massage.

People with rheumatoid arthritis, goiter, eczema, and other skin lesions should not receive massage therapy during flare-ups. People with osteoporosis, high fever, few platelets or white blood cells, and mental impairment, as well as those recovering from surgery, should avoid massage as well as those with any kind of traumatic fractures of bones or joints.

Given your physician doesn't have any objections, i'd be glad to massage you. I'm well familiar with handicaps and movement disorders. Usually i can tune in into those conditions pretty fast and well. Going up stairs have to be managed by yourself however.

First you come in, we sit down, have a water if thirsty and get to know each other a bit. Doing so we also clarify some things, like tickish spots on your body, or those that tend to easily cramp or could otherwise be problematic. How much emphasis you put on force or tenderness receiving a massage, what degree of nakedness you're comfortable with the most and what spots on your body you want to be touched only rarely and those you love to have stoken the most ...

When all is harmonious we go over into the massageroom and start off. We begin in face-down position on the headrest and at first i will swing your body at your feet until you're lying straight. Then it's time to delve into the massage.

After about half an hour i will ask you to turn around on your back. Doing so, please move down a bit until the tip of your head is aligned with the top of the table. I will take away the headrest on that occasion, too. First i will strech you in a straight position again, then perhaps ask you to lift your upper body a bit, so i could place my hands underneath your back for you to lay on them. The rest is simply further relaxing completely and enjoying until the end.

Pee: Ask how long it approximately takes until the turn-over or the end and decide if you can stay relaxed for that amount of time or have to go to the loo right away.

Nose running or clogged: Unfortunately a problem in face-down position that cannot be avoided completely, even with the best head rests. While rolling over on your back there's a chance to blow into a tissue, else breathe through your mouth and let saliva simply run. I usually place a piece of foot-sure shielding fleece on the floor underneath the headrest. That getting a bit wet is just as normal as the water that runs out of a trumpet or didgeridoo when played on.

Erections, pre-cum & ejaculating: Those are all totally natural and beautiful possibilities of how your body reacts to intense touches or the swinging of a massage in the slingtable. Don't force anything, don't suppress anything, just let it all stand up and fall and flow as it happens to you. Let it come and go, follow and enjoy without evaluating or wanting.

Else: Clearly and briefly say what's happening.

Every stroke or part of the massage starts off with a tender prelude that puts you and your body in the right mood. There are recurring, careful stretchings of the whole body that are conducted at the feet and the upper spine, as well as some soft extensions. Those are all slowly and tenderly administered and the more you relax, the better it works.

Also, when i lift up one of your arms or legs,- stay loose. Spread out fingers don't help me to massage your hands and a neck turning, or moving of arms that hurry ahead, take away my chance of working with the self-weight of your body in its natural flow. The more you let yourself fall, the better and more fluidly i can work.

Some have light troubles at first with that and keep a certain tension in their muscles, often without being aware of it. That is also pretty natural and in case i whisper 'let go', simply take a deep breath into the body part that i touch that moment and let yourself fall a bit deeper once more.

As less as neccessary. Short important messages ('very ticklish there', 'love good pressure here', 'have to pee really urgently') should sure get articulated clearly, but i'm not capable of having a conversation while i massage. My entire concentration lies within your body, it's reactions, my strokes, movements, the flow that develops between us.

Every distraction will take us both out of the experience and it's intensity. Massage is a precious time in that only body and soul call the shots. Longer sentences only make sense and complement the experience if they carry important messages inner a meditative massage with a previously set context.

Kithara ends as harmoniously as it had begun. During the entire massage i keep body contact and sometimes you sense my hands still touching you after i let go. The safest sign that the jouney is over is you feeling a towel on your body, me putting on sox over your feet an then leaving the room.

Take your time to let the massage echo off in your body until you come back into motion again. Extent, stretch and slowly sit up. You'll find you socks between your feet those you should put on in order to avoid sliding on your oily soles.

Appointments: Appointments are only available after prior agreement via the web form, by phone or email. Whataspp calls, shallow chitchats, funny memes & videos as well as hidden caller IDs don't work. Spontaneously showing up in front of my door and ringing the bell makes absolutely no sense.

For inquiries for an appointment, please specify your time windows right away, so that I can offer you appropriate dates. So please - think about when you want to come, because if you do not know that, then I can not know that either.

Timeliness: My appointments are adapted to the time windows of other customers. If you have an appointment with me, I kindly ask that you appear a maximum of 5 minutes before the scheduled appointment. Not 20 or 30 minutes before, otherwise you might run into the previous customer or I did not have time to drink, eat, clean up or relax for a while. Not a good condition to meet a relaxed masseur.

Since, before I start a treatment, I turn off my phone and the dooor bell, I sure cannot answer any calls, the intercom, or open the door for you.

It isn't really black, but sure pretty dark gold-brown-olive. This is due to some of the tinctures and oils that i blend together, following an old recipy. The ingredients all meet the strict rules for pharmaceutical matrixes or foodstuffs and can provide the appropriate certificates of analysis. The dark coloring is a sign of best possible naturalness of the substances. I conciously decided against bleached alternatives.

Ingredients: St.John's (Hypericum perforatum)-, Wolf's Bane (Arnica montana)-, Scotch marigold (Calendula officinalis)-, Lavender (essential)-, Coconut-, Olive- Oil, Field Horsetail Tincture (Equisetum arvense), Shea Butter. Not available in any store and would almost be unaffordable in price.








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